About Us

Great Lake Mortar Racks is a company that has the fireworks end user’s safety in mind. We build high quality wood mortar racks that hold HDPE Mortars for use with mortar shells. We also build wood racks that will hold Firework Tracer sticks of all kinds and wood mortar racks for commercial mortar shells.

It all started after befriending my local firework store owner who has since become a personal friend of mine, when I showed him a picture of the racks I made for myself, and he asked if I could make some for his store. Well, the lightbulb in my head went off and with the encouragement and support of my wife I reached out to a few other stores which all had interest and a few months later GLMR was formed. I was lucky enough to setup and promote my racks at a couple of different demo nights and a long with the Great Lakes Mortar Racks Facebook page, enough interest was generated to then have a web page and hopefully sell more racks!

Why Buy Great Lakes Mortar Racks
Do you want plywood, OSB, nails and staples to hold your rack full of Fireworks together? Or do you want construction grade lumber held together with 1 ¾, 2 ¼ and 3 Inch screws holding your rack of Fireworks together? Do you want your rack of Mortar tubes to last time after time, year after year and possibly be able to withstand a shell failure? I would and do! That’s why you should buy my racks! My racks are the best on the market and are built to last, I personally build them and there is nothing cheap about my racks. I sell them at a fair price and I want people like you to be able to enjoy your backyard show while having the peace of mind you are using a solid foundation for launching your fireworks. I didn’t get started doing this to get rich, I saw a need in many of my local stores and I saw the lack of quality and variety online…..And here we are!!